Atom Works

Tour dates

2019-11-09 Maanalainen, Tampere, Finland Details
2019-09-05 Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland Details
2019-07-03 On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland Details

Atom Works

Atom Works is a progressive rock & metal band from Helsinki, Finland.

Steve Baker - Vocals

Kasper Rosqvist - Guitars

Zsolt Szilagyi - Keyboards

Niklas Finnäs - Drums

Roi Partanen - Bass

The Story

Centuries ago at the behest of an unknown visionary, a secretive group joined together to investigate tales of incredible people. Known to each other as Atom Works, they passed the task of discovering, observing, comprehending and copying their subjects to each new descendant generation, never once risking outside exposure. That was until the prophecy of their founder began to materialise. The world’s warmongering elite had discovered the treasure trove of powerful human abilities that once lay concealed under a blanket of mediocrity. Shockingly, military statesmen were already at work on massive research and training programmes. Atom Works finally broke its silence and announced itself to the planet through untraceable pirate transmissions. After an initially cold response a select team of five members were unmasked to better inform and reassure civilians that their changing world will have a band of extraordinarily powerful defenders. By first hearing tales of these unimaginable people, you will start to see their humanity and that there’s nothing to fear when they’re on your side. There’s so much you need to know.

We’ll start in 1933, a year of great turmoil for the family of Spice, a man whom we seem to have followed forever. The very next year however, would prove even more eventful.

Debut Album Out Now!

Atom Works - The Life of Spice (2019) Our debut album, The Life of Spice, is out now.

The Life of Spice tells of a father whose secret is accidently revealed at a time of family anguish. His sons find temptation too great and pit themselves against him to try and benefit unduly from their father's bounty. As they get partly what they want, confusion whips a storm through the train they are riding together and the lives of the brothers and their family all come into question. The story takes place mostly on The Frontier Mail train in 1934 India, spanning Bombay to Peshawar.